She Was Walking Home.

Over the early months of 2021, along with the wider community, many of our female creatives and participants have shared & discussed their feelings of safety and experiences of fear & harassment when walking through the city of York alone. And like many, it has been met with ‘what can I do to help?’

With Ward funding through City of York Council we embarked on creating an audio walk which gave a platform to voice those stories, emotions and calls for support.

Originally accessed through QR codes displayed in buildings, windows and toilets across York city centre, 4 short audio dramas, created from the real life testimonies of women living, working and studying in York, could be listened to whilst walking. Not only do these recordings reflect real stories, but give advice on how to be an ally and what support could be put in place in the future, from those who have experienced harassment and abuse first hand.

We all have a part to play.

Cast: Fiona Baistow, Anna Johnston, Emma Liversidge-Smith and Mandy Newby

Team: Director - Kate Veysey, Writer - Rachel Price, Production - El Stannage, Matt Harper-Hardcastle and Joshua Goodman