Playback Theatre 

This is an improvised form of theatre where participants are encouraged to tell stories which are then performed spontaneously by the team of actors. This can be used by many different groups and for many different reasons. It can be a mechanism for empowerment and self confidence (being able to say your story out loud and give it time and meaning), it can be a way of looking at things objectively or to gain another perspective or it can be used to explore specific themes within a group to help nurture awareness, make invaluable connections between people and promote cohesion.

Forum Theatre 

This technique focuses on change and although can include some of the elements detailed above,it is very much focused on working through areas to come up with solutions. The participants are asked to suggest courses of action that the actors should take during the performance to improve the scenario. This gives an extremely safe environment for people to think through their own choices in life and to almost 'test' their actions safely through actors.

Role Play

We provide actors to groups and organisations who wish to trial anything out in terms of interaction and raising awareness. For example this has already been used for an organisation who wanted their staff to experience communicating with vulnerable adults before they went out into the community to do it for real, care home managers carrying out assessments and front-line customer service staff troubleshooting aggressive/hostile encounters. This can be a very effective and interactive training session.


Above all, we believe that it is the sharing of stories and personal experiences that brings us closer together and what actually makes us human, therefore we have a number of different workshops which focus on varying ways to tell and share stories and experiences with others. 


In 2016 we made the shift into public performance; making theatre out of the untold, poignant stories that had been shared with us and that we believe create the foundations of our community, so felt they needed taking to a larger stage. Our first venture into this was with our sell out production of Any Mother Would, which featured as part of York Disability Pride 2017 and the Great Yorkshire Fringe 2018