She Was Walking Home is a series of monologues created from the testimonies of over 30 women living, working and studying in York.

This pack offers you a way to explore these experiences with groups of young people or adults to raise awareness of the how women feel when walking alone and what the impact of harassment or abuse might be.

The pack invites you to explore what we can all do to support women to feel safer when walking alone and to prevent gender-based violence.

They can be watched together and discussed afterwards (skip to end of the activity guide for a short activity to a suit single lesson or session length) or each film can be watched separately.

You can download the guide below, which will will take you through how to explore these with a group. The short films follow directly underneath.


Millie is a young woman on her way to work early one morning.

We get to hear all the thoughts that go through her head, and all the things she has been told about walking on her own.


Cate has just got home after a night out.

She tells her housemate all about what happened to her.


Jackie has gone to the police station to report an incident. Her friend , Mags has come with her.


Joanne is talking about her experience of sexual assault in a school assembly, at an all boys school, to raise awareness.

This project is bookable to come into your setting and be delivered live with adjoining workshops. If you would be interested in this, please get in touch.