Yorkshire Trios

Yorkshire Trios is a unique showcase of local talent. Through a series of micro-commissions, York-based actors, writers and directors have been supported by Next Door But One to produce original, short pieces of theatre that celebrate their individual skill and creativity


Meet the Yorkshire Trios:

[From Left To Right] Sarah Rumfitt, Kate Bramley, Connie Peel, Nicola Holliday, Jules Risingham, Tempest Wisdom, Bailey Dowler, Yixia Jiang, Jacob Ward, Claire Morley, Paul Birch, Harri Marshall and Livy Potter.

Responding to the stimuli of ‘Top of the Hill’ this evening of performances will move between stories of motherhood, grief, love, war and even Kate Bush!

  • Toast by Sarah Rumfitt - Performed by Nicola Holliday and Directed by Kate Bramley and Connie Peel.

  • Running Up That Hill by Paul Birch - Performed by Livy Potter and Directed by Harri Marshall.

  • Outliving by Yixia Jiang - Performed by Claire Morley and Directed by Jacob Ward.

  • Anorak by Juliet Risingham - Performed by Bailey Dowler and Directed by Tempest Wisdom


Meet the Yorkshire Trios:

[From Left To Right] Mandy Newby, Joe Feeney, Dan Norman, Nicki Davy, Rachel Price, Becky Lennon, Lydia Crosland, Libby Pearson, Emily Chattle, Jenna Drury, Christie Barnes, Fiona Baistow, Anna Johnston, Miles Kinsley, and Nicolette Hobson.

Themed around 'Moments Yet to Happen', trios of local writers, directors and actors brought stories of laughter, strength, dreams and everything in between that the world was missing in York's first live theatre performance of 2021 since the 2020 Covid-restrictions!

From the hearts of Yorkshire creatives, told in the heart of the city and into yours, Yorkshire Trios was there to remind people of the talent and stories that our community holds.

Theatre, a pub and you - what more do you need?!

5 new short plays created by trios of Yorkshire Writers, Directors and Actors:

  • Motormouth
  • Weirdo
  • One More Time We Go
  • Kelly Unmasked
  • And How Are Your Goats Keeping? 

‘A relief and a joy…brought to the fore a chance for talent to show its standards and it’s worth. The arts world coming back at its best.’


These productions were part of Next Door But One's Professional Development Programme for local artists.

What our Trios had to say about being a part of this:

This has been a lighthouse in a stormy sea for me at the moment. To work with a writer and a director in zoom rehearsals has been a joy and a privilege. To have this to focus on right now is a total lifeline.

It’s been my real pocket of hope and creativity. I am so honoured to be joining Yorkshire Trios and Next Door But One as a Director, and to be able to work with some extremely talented people. My lockdown 3.0 saviour. 

It's given me a true sense of connection back into the creative world, a proper reassurance that being creative doesn't just go away.

Just want to take this moment to say a massive thank you. This type of theatre is rare to find, especially as an artist and I’m super grateful for the opportunity. I have loved the entire process and it has allowed me to develop my craft further whilst telling a beautiful story that is under represented within theatre. I have felt so supported throughout the entire process and I really hope NDB1 can do this for years to come - it’s truly an ace experience that is vital to building artists careers.’