Have you ever wanted to make fireworks? Have you ever wanted to design their colours and create their sounds? Then maybe you are like Lila - The Firework-Maker's Daughter! Come find out about her story, and join Lila on her voyage across lakes and over mountains to enter the King's Festival and become the Firework Maker she's always dreamed of becoming.

We have created this rehearsed reading of The Firework-Maker's Daughter for your family from our Friendly Fireworks Project. We would love to hear your thoughts!
it is a short film that lasts 1 hour. It can be watched all the way through or it can be watched in parts or paused to explore the linked activities.
From our work with lots of different young people we recognise the need to be able find the best way into a performance or story for each child in the family and we hope the options below help with that.

Guidelines to get the best experience from the film:

Activities to do alongside the film:

In Summer 2021, we created our adaptation into a 1-person scratch-performance that could be safely presented to  community centres and venues, during the easing of COVID restrictions to understand how our work was being developed . In this final stage of R&D, over 100 participants across 4 venues helped us shape this 30 minute storytelling masterclass. 

And since October 2022 we have been touring the final version to schools, libraries and community settings (images below). Click here for the full production pack.