Any Mother Would - Reviews

"I can say that it has been a long while since I have seen such a heart-warming and intimate production at the theatre. I was emotionally nourished and I feel the whole audience detected that they were in a special place where they could feel nostalgically safe, retrospectively greedy in allowing the warm and fuzzy feelings to tingle their toes... The cast were wonderful. They really were believable as the “Towers” family unit; they flowed brilliantly off each other and there was great energy between them." One&Other Creative

"It felt like I'd been hugged for an hour." Voice Mag UK

"I challenge anyone not to see their home or their family in this piece. Everyone needs to see it!"
Audience Member

"I felt privileged to be sat in this family's living room - poignant, relatable and true to life. Beautifully written, directed and performed." Audience Member

"Emotionally driven and very humorous. 10/10." Audience Member

"I saw Any Mother Would on Friday. It hit a chord with me as I too held my son as he stopped breathing 18 years ago. I sat and watched this play with him sat by me – so many similarities with our own life."

Audience Member (Mother of son with disability)

"I thought it was everything that theatre should be; the structure, character development and story line was perfect, but it was the sensitivity that really got me.It was one of the most heartfelt pieces I have ever seen, the autobiographical voice was so clear and the message so strong.I was totally bowled over and really wanted to let you know that your play renewed my faith in the power of theatre.Libby Pearson, Playwright