Power of Women.

This is our arts and empowerment programme for girls aged under 12, run in partnership with Miss Trout and Clifton Green Primary School. Weekly workshops provide girls with a safe space to be creative, expressive and to build healthy relationships with other girls, exploring topics of body image, role models, periods and gender inequality.
Through creative writing, art and performance participants explore healthy relationships, body confidence and consent, as well as being able to identify people and services they can approach for support with their health and wellbeing.

  • 100% would give POW a 5/5 star rating
  • 100% said they’d gained confidence, it had supported them to make connections with others, it had had a positive impact on their health and wellbeing, and that they’d learned something useful they would put into use away from the workshops.
  • 92% gained a greater awareness of the subject matter explored, and felt motivated to try new things like this in the future.
  • 85% reported that this have them more access to arts and theatre.
  • 77% had learned a new skill.

(2023/24 Evaluation)

In 2022, we expanded this provision with POW Plus; a creative retreat in the summer holidays for 14-18 year old female identifying teenagers (including non-binary), to explore their identity through creative writing, craft and performance. This safe and artistic space combined female empowerment, self-care and creativity to support self-expression and positive relationships.

I feel like POW was great - you really get to connect with other girls of similar age and similar experience.

This was a memorable experience. One that stands out from all my others!

The energy and generosity was fabulous. I felt listened to and responded to. I definitely want to do more workshops like this. It made me feel so brilliant and glittery. This can't be the end - more please!

The artwork produced from POW and POW Plus can be used to encourage more vital conversations around gender equality and female empowerment. See below for examples.