Opening Doors

Next Door But One, in partnership with York Theatre Royal, is offering a FREE series of career development sessions for up to 30 performing arts professionals in and around York.

Through a blend of virtual and in-person workshops, participants will be able to refresh or refine their skills in such areas as arts fundraising, script-writing, programming, auditioning, directing and much more. The cohort was selected and then consulted about the workshops that would be useful and exciting to them.

This is the second time that we have run the programme, and feedback from the last cohort included:

'Thankyou, you have given us the motivation and tools to do something that we have been intimidated of and therefore never done. Filling out application forms has always been so daunting but you have broken the steps down to make them manageable and less scary.'

'Thank you so much, you have helped change the way we run as a theatre company and helped us grow.'

'It was a beautiful morning and a perfect opportunity to share a space with fellow creatives and get our creative juices flowing. It was a reminder that being creative doesn't have to mean on my own.'

This programme is delivered as live sessions in York or online between November 2023 and March 2024.